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Business Balanced Scorecard Implementation and Workshop

This course combines the material in the Introduction and the Advanced Balanced Scorecard: Train the Trainer courses and moves at an accelerated pace.  This course covers the entire range of balanced scorecard topics – organization development, change management and communications planning, strategic planning, objectives and strategy mapping, performance measures and target setting, strategic initiative prioritization, automation, cascading, and strategic management – in one week. The course covers scorecarding in business, government, and non-profit organizations. The pace is quick, but you will be rewarded with an in-depth and practical knowledge of balanced scorecard systems.

Six Sigma Course: Think Smart. Drive Results, Achieve Six Sigma
Six Sigma is a data driven business methodology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business functions. By applying Six Sigma methods within a business, Companies aim to improve productivity and reduce the cost of operations, leading to enhanced quality services. Training course(s) are open to working professionals and fresh graduate job seekers. Prior experience is preferable though not mandatory.
Certified Yellow Belt Course, Duration: 5 Hrs per day spanning 2 days
Certified Lean Six Sigma course, Duration: 5 Hrs per day spanning 4 days

Management Training & Organizational Development
We work with your leadership team to identify training needs, and to design, develop, implement, and evaluate management training and organizational development programs to meet your company’s strategic objectives.

Management Development Training
We can design and manage management development training for new supervisors and  managers to shorten their learning curve and increase their productivity and effectiveness as leaders and organizational managers. Customized training and coaching programs can ensure that you are developing your leadership team to model your organization’s culture and values and to inspire their teams.

Management Leadership Training
To support your succession planning and leadership development, we can develop customized leadership training to prepare your leaders for effective leadership now and in the future. All program include of Outdoor-based management development program (outwardbound training).

Total Productive Management In-house Training:

Human Resources Workshop & Consultancy:

  Organization Transformation

  Change Assessment

  Change Architecture

  Organization Development

  Communication Strategy & Planning & Roll-Out

  Performance Management System & Reward

  Core Values Identification & Culture Alignment

  HR Management System

  HR Strategic Alignment

  HR Blueprint

  HR Operating model & Organization Structure

  HR Process Re-engineering

  Competency Based HR System

  Curriculum Design & Course Development

  Assessment Center

  HR System

  Training Center

  HR Audit/Diagnostic Review

  Change Management

  Organization Design, Job Description

  Competency Model Development

  Compensation & Benefit Strategy, Job Evaluation, Salary Survey

  Industrial Relations/Employment Related Matters

  Human Development through a series training program

  Human Resources Outsourcing

  Executive Recruitment

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